Who we are?

General presentation

Who we are?

We could emphasize that Optical Disc Solutions- ODS - is the only replication plant for optical discs (CD’s & DVD’s) in Romania and one of the most important in Europe. We could also say that besides industrial replication, we developed other business lines, so that we could offer other services to our customers.

We could mention that we create projects in which the optical disc is the excellent opportunity for sales growth, starting with the proper selection of audio or video content, industrial packaging, cellophane wrapping, warehousing and inventory management through a performant warehouse management system.

Although we can conclude that we place ourselves as a full service provider for media industry, proving to be our strategic advantage, for both domestic and external markets in America, Western and Eastern Europe.

Instead we like to emphasize that we are a group of people committed to bring back the smile in each partner’s eyes who decides to try our services.

Why would we do something like this?

Because we enjoy what we do! Most of all we like to create emotions and impress by simplicity and proper words. We have kept our promises from the very beginning and even in the middle of Bucharest. We fell in love with disc production, with related operations and we are obsessed with deadlines and conditions that are mutually agreed!

We were not satisfied with just that and this seriousness in approach we have extrapolated in related fields so we could strengthen the confidence in all the people that decide to collaborate with us.

Once you become our client, you can be sure that your product is in safe hands. Because we respect internal and external request, delivery terms and providing manufacturing capacity for industrial orders of hundreds of thousands of pieces, we gained the trust of our clients in ODS, and because of that for most of them, we are their only supplier.

We are open to develop strong partnerships and identify new solutions to increase our business, both domestically and on the international markets.

Why Us?

  • Our passion for what we do is contagious, in the same time we became workaholics just to know that deadlines are respected.
  • All this and our flexibility in dealing with difficult situations make things happen and contributes in making you satisfied through our collaboration.
  • After all that's all that counts when we talk about long term business.
  • These qualities have assured us our leading position in the CDs and DVDs replication industry on the Romanian market and made us a reliable pillar for Eastern European region.
  • ODS is a full service supplier for your business and your customers.
  • Success Story

    At the beginning, we imported discs from all over Europe, because we couldn’t find local production capacity at the level of our clients demand.

    We gradually increased production capacity and continued on consolidating our clients trust in our organization, at first there were internal and then international customers.The most difficult battle we had to deal with was erasing the wild east image… more precisely the uncontrolled piracy all over Balkans and Eastern Europe.

    It took some years until we obtained CDSA certifications, Philips, Toshiba, MPEG-LA, and MPAA licenses, along with ISO’s of all kinds.At the same time it took hard work and dedication until we gain the trust of large studios, and assured them, that they can work with us the way well known fabrics from all over the world are working.

    All that things has taught us to become professionals in our work, to improve constantly our service quality, and prove that our clients can work with us as well as with international organizations. You just need a little common sense above average, and the conscience of well-done services and last but not least being surrounded by valuable employees.

    Zoltan Tussai, General Manager ODS


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