Replication vs. burning

Replication vs. burning


  • The disc is obtained by injecting the melt polycarbonate on special molding equipment, on which is fixed a metallic mold stamper (having the information engraved in order to replicate). Later the disc is covered with a metal layer (aluminum) and then with a protective layer of lacquer; next step is the printing of the art work with offset or silk printing equipment, so it applies a layer of white ink and a polychromatic image.
  • The carrying information side and on which the reading is made, is protected both by the protective lacquer, as well as by the etiquette.
  • Industrial replicated discs are always silver;
  • The information is not altered over time, unless the disc is destroyed;
  • Ideal for large print runs- more than 300 pieces.

CD/DVD – BURNING (Characteristics):

  • For discs burning are used blank discs. They are also made of polycarbonate, over which a layer of polymer is applied (that is deformed under the action of the laser ray, of the burning device) and a metallic one;
  • The laser ray with which the writing is made, melts the polymer and forms the pits (graves), that actually represents the information, later read through a player;
  • The quality of the blank CD’s depends on: type of the polycarbonate polymer, the used additive to stabilize it, and the type of the used metal layer (needs to be totally inert);
  • There by there are significant differences in quality and durability from producer to producer. More than, their quality is inferior to industrial replicated discs;
  • Blank devices have various shades of pink, blue, light green, purple (but never silver) because of the color of the polymer layer;
  • The information declines over time due to the continuing influence of the reading laser (although it has less power than the ray with which the writing is done) on the organic substance (polymer);
  • The sunlight and the heat accelerates the deterioration process;
  • Ideal for short print runs, as support for information, for a fixed time period.


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