The production process

The production process

The master received from the customer is used for the production of the stamper (the so-called glass master); with this it will be made the replication of the discs on the injection molding machine. So, each replicated disc it will be the exact copy of the received master. In particular we recommend that the master should be done in a professional studio with updated equipment’s and professional software’s,in order to have the guarantee that the resulted product is according to the desired standards.

The team from the pre-mastering department will check the type and the quality of the information for each received material.

*ODS has no responsibility over the functioning quality of the replicated discs. Also, our staff does not interfere in any way over the structure or the composition of the original master(CD or DVD).

The replication of the CDs and/or DVDs takes place on specialized injection machines. In average, each master replica is produced in three seconds. A disc of each series of 1000 discs is checked to confirm the compatibility with international standards for these products (Sony-Philips parameters). This process guarantees that all fabricated discs can run on any playback device containing the corresponding logos (CD-Audio, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.)

For orders over 30.000 discs, several identical stampers are realized, given the physical wear during the injection process. After the replication process, the discs are already registered, containing the information from the stamper.

The next phase of production is the label printing directly on the disc surface with special ink and UV drying. The process takes place on specialized machines, with a productivity of 5000 discs per hour. Printing procedures are the offset or screen printing ones, ensuring superior quality of the image with the possibility of reproducing any type of label graphics.


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