The most important media suppliers of entertainment industry from Romania, local representatives of major international companies like ProVideo (licensed Warner Bros and Disney), Media Pro Music, Nova Entertainment, Universal Romania(licensed Universal Music), CAT Music (Sony Music licensee), Odeon (Twenty Century Fox representative in Romania) Empire Film (Sony Pictures and Universal Pictures representative) and other big names in the field, major producers and European agents, have become our clients step by step, based on our experience and our seriousness.

CDs and DVDs proved to be an excellent way to market in various fields (FMCG, tourism, IT, education, production, advertising, etc.) the value perceived by the end consumer is greater than its costs. Producers who choose to improve their business performance using in their marketing campaigns, the ODS products, also reported significant increases in profitability;among them is Dacia, Coca Cola, Tuborg, Bergenbier, Ursus, Unilever (Rama, Dero, Delma, Cif and Domestos) Zarea (Dorato), Milupa, Pampers, Supradyn, Nurofen, and Robby Bubble a local champagne brand for children.

Also, over the years we’ve been partners in major cover mount projects for various publications like: Jurnalul National, Adevarul, Libertatea, ZiarulFinanciar, GazetaSporturilor, Romania Libera, AcademiaCatavencu, Esquire, FHM, Cosmopolitan, Mami, Superbebe, and Bio Planet.




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