Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to create reliable partnerships in every business related to optical discs, with existing customers as well as with new ones.

In the current dynamic economic environment, experience has taught us to establish long term and flexible relationships with our clients, according to economic, legal factors and quality standards.

Our Values:

  • Reliability: We treat every order with maximum care and dedication;
  • Professionalism: We respect the quality of products, technical data and agreed delivery terms;
  • Flexibility: Experience and creative thinking allow us to find unique solutions for a wide range of requirements, on a very dynamic domestic and international market.


  • Develop long-term, professional partnerships in the production of optical discs;
  • Providing personalized services to our clients to support them in achieving their goals;
  • Evaluation and continuous improvement of the services provided to the customers;
  • Building an effective team with innovative spirit.

From concept to final product

Sometimes solutions start from a bright idea; in other cases, they are the result of months or years of research and progressive improvement, and they take shape by combining the gained experience of nearly 10 years of involvement in the production of optical discs.

Dedication, creativity and innovative spirit, all combined with attention to detail and expertise are the basis of our company's philosophy.

Therefore we can propose to our customer’s audio or video content for CD/DVD, suitable graphic design, different ways of packaging, ensuring legal services, logistics and distribution. More precisely we offer key services related to optical discs.

Our Team

ODS has over 100 employees involved in production, logistics, customer service, sales, graphic design and quality control.

ODS is a real school: our staff develops over time the necessary knowledge related to our services;, at the beginning everyone has to take all the necessary steps involved in order processing through every department of the company. Newcomers are formed in a couple of weeks in every department, from sales, to customer service, graphic design, injection, printing and packaging.

Until you see with your own eyes the whole process, you cannot understand what involves creating a disc. In conclusion everyone learns that his work has consequences on others work and the best solutions can come from the interaction of the team members.

As well as we know how to work together, we know how to have fun together; everything we do is based on mutual respect, common sense.


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