How to submit an order

How to submit an order


Request for a price offer or a bid can be done by filling out a short form on our website, whether through a simple mail (which contains your request) to the address, or at telephone 021.317.90.80. Our sales representatives will advise you in connection with any part of your order that you have doubts and they can offer solutions. After setting all the details about your order, you will receive our offer for realization of the order.

Signing of the contract

For good rule obligations of both parties, it is necessary to sign a contract. This is done at our office with a sales representative.


Ordering has 2 stages and Customer Service is the appointed representative;

  • Delivery of documents:
  • Delivery of the necessary materials
    • A master can be physically brought or may be loaded on our secured ftp.server

Note: materials provided should respect the graphics specifications HERE

ATTENTION: The customer assumes responsibility for the quality of the content for the master and for the graphics files. The replicated copies will be identical with the original material provided by the customer on the master disk.


Prin apăsarea butonului "trimite" confirmi că ai citit și ești de acord cu termenii și condițiile legate de protecția datelor tale personale furnizate prin intermediul acestui formular, în scopul facilitării interacțiunii cu ODS.


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