Gluing and fixing solutions

Gluing and fixing solutions

Optical Disc Solutions (ODS) is an importer and distributor of multiple adhesive products and packing solutions, addressed especially to printing houses and to the advertising industry, but not only.

In 2011 our company initiated a new branch of activities related to the import and distribution in Romania of a series of high time/cost efficient adhesives and industrial packing solutions. The customers feedback was prompt, our products have become a standard for some of the largest typography and advertising companies in Romania.

The products that we called “Lipidots”, was successful, reaching in this moment to sell on average 5 million lipidots per month.

The list of our products has expanded over time, and below you can learn more about each of our best selling products, information on product use, available alternatives, etc.


Lipidots are double-sided adhesive pills made form silicone, transparent, ideal for gluing samples, business cards, etc. In magazines, presentation portfolios, fixing wobblers, window-posters;

  • Can be easily applied manually or in large quantities with an automatic applier;
  • There are several types available depending on the adhesion degree;
    • Easy(for slight-fixing);
    • Easy-mid(for slight-average fixing);
    • Mid(for average fixing);
    • Ultra(for permanent fixing);
    • Vertical(for fixing and weight support in vertical position);
  • Can be supplied in rollers of 5000 pieces.

Super Centre

  • Plastic Discs are devices used for attaching CDs and DVDs on any surface in presentation kits, brochures, magazines etc.
  • There are made of plastic material and have on one side universal adhesive, above which there is originally applied a foil;
  • Plastic discs are available in packs of 1000 units, in white, black and transparent colors;

Super Dots

  • Sponge discs are used for gluing CDs, DVDs and mini CDs on promotional materials regardless the support;
  • Are made of high density, adhesive, sponge and are packed in rollers of 1000 pieces;
  • Are produced on white and black colors, other colors are available on demand.

Super Discs

  • Sealing discs are used for closing and sealing advertising materials, envelopes, magazines, CD or DVD cases;
  • Made of plastic adhesive and transparent and it can be used on any surface;
  • Can be perforated or non-perforated, with or without opener, permanent or semi-permanent;
  • Are available in several sizes: 18-25-35-50 mm diameter, on rollers of 2000 piece.

Super Mouse

Transfer tape dispenser. It can be used for industrial applications of low print run and also for office. The length of the tape is of 12 meters, ideal for closing envelopes and cardboard packaging, flyers fixing and envelopes in magazines, etc. Este disponibil în două variante de adezivitate, permanent şi semi-permanent.Available in two types of adhesion, permanent and semi permanent.

Adhesive tape for the hand-held applicator

Transfer tape for the hand-held applicator has multiple applications in areas such as packing, temporary fixing, plastic arts, bricolage. Can be used on materials such as paper, leather, plastic, wood, laminated material. The transfer tape is wrapped on plastic rollers of one, for the use with hand-held applicator.

Transfer Tape (without support)

  • Adaptable to irregular surfaces;
  • Minimum thickness due to the lack of the material support;
  • It is versatile;
  • Easily handled and applied unlike the conventional liquid adhesives;
  • It is used with the ATG applicator gun.

ATG - gun applicator

  • Handheld applicator for transfer tapes, series 755,756 757 and silicone adhesive dots;
  • Robust construction and easy installation of the rollers.

Adhesive tape SA

  • Has multiple applications in areas such as packing, temporary fixing, plastic arts, bricolage;
  • It’s ideal for metal, identification plates, textiles and plastic surfaces;
  • Can be used on material as paper, leather, plastic, wood, metal, glass, laminated materials;
  • Can be applied on a wide range of surfaces;
  • Transport and robust tape allows handling and easy application;
  • Can be delivered in rolls of 50 meters, two degrees of adhesion:
    • SA-1 Permanent, normal, 0.090 mm thickness;
    • SA-6 Permanent, extra thickness of 0.130 mm.

Finger lift double-sided, adhesive tape

  • Has multiple applications, in areas such as packing, temporary fixing, plastic arts, bricolage;
  • - Can be used on material such as paper, leather, plastic, wood, metal, glass, textiles, and laminated materials.

SBB self adhesive tape

SBB double-sided, adhesive tapes uses a high quality adhesive, with excellent performance in operating, especially designed for permanent fixing. The adhesive used benefits of exceptional properties concerning thermal, dynamic and chemical qualities and can be used instead of bolts, rivets, welding, clips, or other permanent fixing elements.

The SSB range of tapes is ideal for gluing a variety of surfaces, like most metals, wood, glass, and composite materials or painted surfaces. Because of the high degree of transparency is especially recommended for glass and acrylic.

Areas of application: metallurgical industry, automotive industry, glass industry, aerospace industry, electronics and signage.

Self adhesive Sponge

Adhesive sponge with high density specially designed for making 3D cards. It can be used as a spacer on rough surfaces, at the shelf wobbler construction, badges etc.

Double-sided discs

Double adhesive with circular shape in various diameters, with finger lift. Both surfaces have permanently fixing.

Spray adhesive

Acrylic resin adhesive with odorless spray and environmentally friendly that can be used in bricolage projects, art and artisanal construction, layouts, dioramas, fixing posters, posters, packing and labeling. It does not require drying time.


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