Digital distribution

Digital distribution

Optical Disc Solutions is the main CD and DVD replicator in Romania and one of the most important in Eastern Europe. The company has a disc replication capacity of 4.5 million units/month, a packaging volume of over 150.000 units/day and covers more than 70% of the Romanian market.

Currently, ODS is working with some of the most important players from the media and entertainment industry such as: CAT Music (Sony Music license), Media Pro Music, Nova Entertainment, Universal Romania (local license of Universal Music); Odeon (representative of FOX), ProVideo (the license of Warner Bros, Disney), Empire (representative of Sony and Universal Pictures) and many other production companies and independent artists from the Romanian market and not only.

Furthermore, ODS has developed special projects for companies such as Renault, Unilever, Coca Cola, Heineken, Tuborg, Ringier, Sanoma Hearst, Dacia and lots of other local leading publishers and FMCG entities. Other societies and associations to which the company is affiliated include the following: One Red, Philips, MPEG LA, DVD Format/Logo, and DVD Copy Control Association, Toshiba DVD 6C. Optical Disc Solutions is certified since 2010 by the CDSA - World Wide Anti-Piracy Organization, the body of control and standardization of procedures for the production and reproduction, is also safe in terms of piracy having implemented a Quality Management System ISO 9001, an Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and an Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001.

Enhanced management of digital content for existing customers and new artists. Part of the Romanian artists have already started to develop their own online presence but not at a professional level. Here are some of the artists and record labels that will firstly benefit from our project: Euro Music, Alexandrina Hristov, Constantin Enceanu, Petrica Mitu Stoian, Ijac Music Production, Studio Speranta, Biserica Adoram, Teodora Popescu, Luiza Spiridon, Cvartet Anima, Vlad Florin, Infomedia PRO, Nicolas Simion, TiPtil, Flavius Teodosiu, Luna Amara, Ancuta Anghel, Ad Hoc, Teo Milea, TROOPER, Kult Studio, Mihai Iordache, Bodark, Eduard Kunz, Romeo Stan, Asociatia Culturala Teocta, Fundatia Jubilate, Mihai Nae, Magdalena Tara, Sebastian Grosu, Gilbert Iscu, Mihai Constantinescu, Alexandru Andries.

The protection of the artists' interests against piracy and the implementation of the legal framework are continuous efforts that ODS Romania started undergoing since the beginning. Today, the reliability gained through these efforts represents the main value in front of ODS’s customers. The CDSA (Content Delivery Storage Association), MPAA (Motion Picture of America Association) plus the ISO 27001 accreditations are all proof of these continuous efforts. Together with AROBS, this partnership proposes to continue the fight against piracy but this time in the online.

The most important step in this direction is to aquire the YouTube Premium Partner status and the CMS account!

A web platform to manage and optimize the presence of artists on YouTube. This platform will provide the project managers with the following features:

  • The power to take instant decisions in order to improve and optimize visibility of digital content on the YouTube network;

  • Automated tag recommendations based upon meta data analysis and search trends, updated every day/week;
  • Bulk edit descriptions across all videos instantly, and allow PMs to insert URLs with a tractable Click-through Rate;
  • Gather together and synthesize in an easy understandable manner all analytics from the social media assets belonging to different artists, such as their Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube insights;
  • Alerts to changes made on any of the channels and the possibility to act instantly;
  • Easy to use thumbnail templates from a list of the most compelling frames in the videos, but also an enhanced thumbnail customizer in order to customize thumbnails and even the possibility to add text in order to optimize videos in bulk;
  • Interact with the targeted audience right from the platform with comment monitoring;
  • Keep an eye out for top influencers and comments as video creations go viral and maintain a positive community by removing vulgarity;
  • Upload videos right from the platform, make them catchy with description templates, keyword optimization and smart scheduling keeping in mind the insights from the social media assets;
  • Estimations about monthly target earnings on each channel and real-time alerts for channels which did not achieve their targets;
  • See which videos are performing the best in terms of views, subscribers and watch time.


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