Certifications and Licenses

Certifications and Licenses

Industrial replication requires a very strict compliance of international legislation relating intellectual property rights and copyrights. In order to assure and guarantee our customers informations safety we implemented specific procedures and obtained the following certifications and licenses:

ISO 9001:2008 - quality management system;

ISO 14001:2005 - environmental management system;

ISO 27001:2005 - information Security Management System;

  • "Content Protection and Security Program"-certificated by CDSA (Content Delivery and Storage Association-UK), ensures the security and the safety of informations, specific to our industry;
  • We are licensed One Red, Toshiba and MPEG-LA- this certifies that we are paying the corresponding royalties regarding the industrial patents for the manufacture of optical discs.
  • We obtained accreditation for MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America), which gave us the quality to become accredited supplier by the leading producers in the industry, namely: Walt Disney Studios, Universal, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Discovery, Animal Planet etc...  



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