CD/DVD Replication

CD/DVD Replication

Optical Disc Solutions(ODS) is the main replicator of CDs&DVDs from Romania, and one of the most important from Eastern and Central Europe.

ODS produces and customizes optical Discs like: CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/mini CD from minimum print runs of 300 discs, to medium print runs of 3000-5000 discs up to very large print runs over 100.000 discs. The data transfer from disk is made by injection, a process that guarantees the quality, originality and sustainability.

To guarantee our partners the highest quality of our products and services we implemented all the procedures in accordance with the quality insurance systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001. We fully respect international legal requirements regarding intellectual property, acting in compliance with One Red, Toshiba and MPEG-LA governed patents licensing programs, based on which the optical discs are manufactured. We are also certified by the most important international antipiracy organization in our industry, CDSA (Content Delivery and Storage Association).

The replication of CDs and DVDs are made on industrial injection machinery with a productivity of 1000 units/hour. Each disc is checked through an integrated system of quality control to confirm the quality and the compatibility with any playback device, that has the appropriate logos (audio CD, CD-ROM, and DVD).

Product Warranty:

Industrial replicated discs are qualitatively superior to those obtained by duplication (burning): CD-R/DVD-R.

According to marketing practices, the CD turned out to be the best customized marketing tool. The marketing campaign passes, but the message continues to live.

Among the promotion tools, the CD directly addresses to customers, being perceived by the end consumer as having longevity and a great value.

Types of CD&DVD


Replicated CD through polycarbonate moldingis the preferred support for the commercialization of materials/audio programs; Alsothis is a guarantee of originality, quality and legality. The maximum volume of information that can be stored (78 minutes) covers the usual duration of a music album, corresponding with the recommended physiological capacity of human receptivity.

CD Audio

It contains audio information with maximum duration of 78 minutes.


Contains various types of data for any operating system; the maximum capacity is 700 Mb.

Video CD

Compact disc that contain movies, videos or video presentations in format MPEG -1, max 60 minutes.

Super Video CD

Compact disc that contain movies, videos or video presentations in MPEG -2 format, max 30 min.

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)

It appeared as a solution for the necessity of a private support distribution, for the private use of films, at a very good technical quality.


DVD that contains data for any operating system; Maximum capacity may be of 4.7GB, 8.5GB, 2x4,7GB.

DVD Video

The amount of information you can store is up to 4,7 GB. On the double-layer version (DVD9) or double face (DVD 10) can store a double volume of information. Similar to CD, the amount of information contained cover usual duration of a movie, with a very good image resolution and quality sound.

Mini CD

CD with a reduced diameter to 80 mm, which can contain audio information or data for any operating system with a capacity up to 190 GB.

Mini DVD

DVD with a reduced diameter to 80 mm, which can contain video information or data for any operating system, with a capacity up to 1.4 GB.


The Blu-ray disc is a type of optical disc of high density used for data storage, in particular for video recordings of high resolution. Blu-ray can contain 25 GB per layer, 5 times more than the DVDs with a layer (having 4.7 GB); Blu-ray with two layers can storage up to 50 GB, 6 times more data than a DVD with dual layer.

Business Card CD

CD with the dimensions and the shape of a business card, which can contain audio information or data, with a capacity up to 40 MB.

Business Card DVD

DVD with the dimensions and shape of a business card, which can contain audio information or data, with a capacity up to 330 MB.

Perfumed CDs

CD designed to promote products used by the feminine consumer, like catalogs of cosmetics products, fashion catalogs, new fragrances.

Colored CDs

CD produced from colored polycarbonate. It is designed to add a plus of originality and extravagance to the product, especially in various types of advertising campaigns.

Vinyl CD

CD with specific layout similar to old vinyl discs.


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