A/V editing and mastering

Editing audio/video Services and mastering

The first step in making your CD/DVD is to create your master. Before the authoring process it is necessary that your audio and video material to be prepared according to existing standards.

ODS provides this service which includes:

  • Video Editing, video conversions in various formats;
  • Audio Editing;
  • Audio mastering: equalization, compression, applying the necessary filters, audio conversions in different formats.
  • We test the master on different audio systems to check the fidelity and the sound quality.

The mastering can make the difference between a well-intentioned demo and a commercial hit. So that the pieces of an audio material to be competitive, they need to achieve the maximum sound potential.

With the help of equalization, compression and limiting is created a polished sound that highlights the essence of the piece. A mastered record is loud, clear and bright. A quality audio master can be obtained by using the precision of the digital equipments for a percussive and massive sound.

We guarantee that everything is done at the highest level of professionalism, with dedication and passion!


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